the client

A US-based multinational media company with operations in four Canadian provinces.

the challenge

Benefits decisions in each province were being made independently. The challenge was to merge the company's Canadian benefits into an enhanced national program.

the solution

Plan design: Over an extended period, we worked with management to merge benefits into a national program with consistent coverage across Canadian operations.
Administration: Administration was reduced to a manageable number of divisions using online administration and employee claims portals.
Underwriting: All experience-based benefits were first transferred to refund accounting and subsequently to Administration Services Only (ASO) funding.
Communication: Coordinated bilingual benefits communication material on the company's intranet.
Employee Assistance Program (EAP): An employee assistance plan was introduced after a thorough review of pricing and service capabilities of all national EAP providers.
Foreign Assignments: Coverage was secured to provide expatriate benefits equal to coverage in place for Canadian executives.
Health Spending Account (HSA): A small health spending account was introduced to enhance the core plan design.

the results

A well thought out and comprehensive national benefits program is now in place. Benefits are underwritten by three insurance carriers and one EAP provider. Ongoing premiums and claims costs are monitored closely. Plan member communication is provided effectively through an employee claims portal, the company intranet, and the coordination of our services with client HR staff.